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Plague Rats are the most devoted of EA's fans - they will most likely own every CD from On A Day... to Opheliac (yes, as well as re-releases) and every EP in between, as well as her book and all other merchandise available. They are more dedicated than muffins, and their obsession probably stems from an overdose of tea and crumpets. The majority of them are Opheliacs and mad girls, the others are borderline Opheliacs an
Plague Rat
Alexlyoko13Added by Alexlyoko13
d mad girls.

Plague Rats are easily identified - they will almost certainly be wearing a corset of some sort, combat boots, striped stockings and will be carrying a teacup. They are most active at four'o'clock, which is their feeding time, at which they will pour forth from the asylums to have tea-parties in bathrooms whilst singing varying versions of Gloomy Sunday.

When not holding tea-parties, Plague Rats are prone to repairing their stockings with ribbons, watching videos by WingedZephyr, attempting to decipher the Enchant puzzle and pondering the speed of wheelchairs, hospital beds and tea trays and planning their next tea-party. They think constantly of tea.

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